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Short introduction to the Questionnaire Experts by Experience (QEE)

This questionnaire evaluates the work and position of experts by experience who work in institutions, for example in mental health care or in social security. In many institutes there is a growing interest in involving experts by experience.  They appear to have an important role towards other users, in supporting them, for example, motivating them and bridging the gaps between professional workers and clients. Apart from  that they may have a critical role towards the institutions, making them more prone towards the needs of the clients, their way of life and their strong wish to be more respected and listened to.

This questionnaire has been tested in evaluations that have been used in Altrecht and in The Missing Link. It has been tested both in the Netherlands as well as Germany. The data have been used for validating the QEE. On the basis of this validation a new and shorter version has been constructed. It consist again in eleven sub-lists, all of them have been made shorter than the original version.

The list is constructed especially for the evaluation of involvement of experts by experience who work in various kinds of institutions, either in a paid job or as a volunteer. The questionnaire is not adequate to use for evaluating the involvement of experts by experience in advocacy groups or self-help groups which do not work in an institute and which act rather independent from institutes.

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It is possible for your organisation to use the QEE online. In order to do so you have to install 'Limesurvey' (this is an opensorce software package) on your server.

At your request we will send you the QEE which you can open in your 'Limesurvey' installation.